Claims Handling

We provide expertise in all areas of Marine casualty investigation and offer also consultancy services to owners in handling their claims.
The investigation of casualties on offer ranges from Marine accidents/damages, to cargo damages and personal injury.
Our expertise and support at the casualty site is always valuable. Upon our investigation’s conclusion we provide our clients with a promptly issued report, where the nature, extent and cause(s) of the damage are clearly, objectively and professionally laid out. Expert witness services for issues that result in court or arbitration proceedings may be provided upon request.
We know that time is of essence to every owner and we handle every case in the same professional manner which will lead to achieving the results in the shortest possible time and of course with the best possible result.

Our areas of service are;

  • Marine Machinery Damages
  • Hull damages
  • Collision
  • Grounding
  • Fire / Explosion
  • Salvage / Towage / Wreck Removal
  • Total loss / Constructive total loss
  • Marine pollution
  • Cargo damage
  • Personal Injuries